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Fragrance by Artists

Fragrance by Artists

Translating Fine Art into Scent

As an expert in the fragrance business I worked very closely with Perfumers and Evaluators from many different companies and designed scents for a wide range of products. I did this by considering the colors, target market, and product concept, matching all with scents that would deliver a cohesive product message and would delight the prospective consumer. This deep industry knowledge enabled me to translate our artists' fragrance vision for each piece of their original artwork into the scent they imagined.

The artists provided me with their olfactive inspirations for each painting. They expressed their mental image of the fragrance and I translated that to our fragrance partner. The fragrance business has a language all its own and my job was to translate the artist's personal vision into a fragrance that would capture that vision and elevate their painting into another dimension.

Talented Perfumers and Evaluators created our bespoke scents against the direction provided by the artists and translated by me. All the beautiful fragrances in each Artistscent candle were personally approved by the artist that created the painting!

Our artists really embraced this new experience. As a fragrance expert I found it fascinating that in some cases the scent I would have designed based on my expertise was completely different than the direction given by the artist because what they "smelled" was wholly influenced by the emotion and inspiration from their creation as opposed to my designing fragrances based on colors and target markets. For each candle we include their direction on the product page; these descriptions of their scent image bring context and complete the sensorial conception of their art.  


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