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IP Policy

Copyright & Intellectual Property

© 2022 Artistscent LLC. All content on and its applicable usage rights are owned by Artistscent LLC and have been authorized and/or purchased from the copyright holder. Specific agreements between Artistscent LLC and artists, photographers, and vendor partners are on file. We would like to thank each an every person we collaborated with to help make Artistscent products the best they can possibly be, and made our dream of bringing art and scent together come true.

Photography & Video Content
Studio photography/videography by Alex Kuhles. Inspiration images by: 
  • Elizabeth Karlson (Dockside Morning, Evergreen Shore)
  • Jared Sislin (Polynesian Waves)
  • iStock (Maui)
  • Adobe Stock (Berry Crush, Soul Flame, Circles, Pebbles, Chain Link, Coral)

Elizabeth Karlson
Original Elizabeth Karlson paintings used on Artistscent products and their associated usage rights ore owned exclusively by Artistcent LLC.

ArtLifting & Ronnie Queenan
Paintings and associated usage rights and/or permissions are property of ArtLifting with permission given to Artistscent LLC for use.