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Four years ago, my husband John and I purchased an original painting by Ohio artist Ursula Brenner to become the centerpiece for our new home. One day while admiring it, being the fragrance expert that I am, I wondered how this beautiful art would smell from the artist's perspective. At that moment, Artistscent was born. Based in Monmouth County, NJ, Artistscent was founded in 2018 and launched in 2020.

Artistscent creates beautiful scented candles in partnership with artists. Each candle’s design is thoughtfully derived from an original piece of art, which we adapt onto reusable glass vessels through an exclusive license. Using our 45 years of fragrance expertise, we work closely with our artists to craft fragrances that complement each piece and bring it to a new dimension. It is a fusion of art and scent like no other.

Bringing Artistscent to life is a labor of love, not only for our (family) team, but for our valued vendor partners who work hard with us to make our vision a reality. We are grateful for their expertise and partnership. Everything in our line is proudly made in the USA.

I spent my career as an expert in the fragrance business—20 years developing fragrances for a global beauty company and 20 years managing a terrific creative team for a well-known fragrance supplier. During this time, I was involved with the launch of hundreds of successful scented products in many forms, from fine colognes to luxury scented candles and everything in between. I collaborated with some of the most talented Perfumers and Evaluators in the business. I'm excited to bring my expertise to every candle we make.

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