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Hand Poured in the USA

Hand Poured in the USA

Making a great candle seems easy—melt some wax, blend in fragrance, put a wick in a container and pour, right?

Actually, it is far from easy. Developing a high performing candle that burns clean and has great hot throw (the strength when it's burning) is quite complex. It is an art unto itself.

Premium quality candles are made with custom wax blends which are developed by candle manufacturing experts that have years of experience using all different types of natural and synthetic waxes. We work closely with our terrific candle manufacturing partner to ensure that our fragrances are formulated properly for his premium proprietary wax, ensuring they have great cold throw (the way a candle smells before burning), hot throw, and are stable with no oil separating out and minimal discoloration.

Once our artists approve the initial samples for fragrance character and strength, our manufacturer conducts extensive burn testing to determine the optimal wick (there are hundreds of different wick sizes and types) for each fragrance. Fragrance oils are complex chemical mixtures, and each can burn differently depending on the individual ingredients used for each fragrance type. Wick selection considers the fragrance, wax composition and container size/type into account.  

Once all the testing is completed and everything is approved, the candles are ready to be produced. The wax is melted, and fragrance is added and mixed. The temperature of the wax is carefully controlled because if the wax gets too hot and/or the fragrance stays in the hot wax too long, some of the fragrance “top notes” (the first notes you smell) will evaporate.  After the fragrance oils are fully blended into the wax, they are carefully hand poured into our pre-wicked containers.  They cool down and then are packaged and sent to our warehouse in New Jersey where we carefully package and send them to you!

As a result of this careful collaboration during development and testing, our candles burn beautifully with excellent fragrance diffusion and a slow burn with a perfect flame height (remember to follow directions for burning!). Many thanks to Naji and his team!



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