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ArtLifting + Ronnie Queenan

“I think my art came about as a blessing in disguise." 

In July of 1994, Ronnie was diagnosed with AIDS and years later was diagnosed with stage four cancer. He has endured chronic pain and treatments for years, resulting in deep bouts of depression. Art has become a powerful force in abating the mental toll of chronic pain, as Ronnie has mastered his approach to creating evocative abstract paintings.

Ronnie discovered his artistic talent when a friend suggested he attend a healing art class for people with chronic illness. With great hesitation he decided to give the class a try, since it was just one day a week for a couple of hours. “From that first day, my life changed forever. I've always had an appreciation for abstract art.” Ronnie continues, “I would often go into hotels and corporate lobbies and admire the abstract art collection. This is when I realized this was what I was put on this earth to do.” Painting had a positive effect on Ronnie, it allowed him to actively ease his mental state during treatment for his illnesses. Ronnie has now been cancer free for over eight years.

"The scent, combined with the artwork title, brings me into the mindset of the places I create. With Along the Path, the scent gave me a sensation with the name of the piece. When I smelled the candle I thought about the outside path, it all went together. When I'm in west Texas, even with my eyes closed, I know what it feels and smells like. Thinking about scent, and ways of experiencing art with other senses, allows me to be more creative. Now I can look at my other art in the same way. I can think about if it's hot, dry, what it smells like, etc. When the scent clicks, you know it."