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Between Art and Scent | Q&A With Artistscent Founder Natalie Kuhles

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Sensory pleasure in all its forms, is one of the best aspects of living in a moment. Even more-so, whether it’s local or abroad, there is a gift in appreciating something enough to have it stored in our memories.  Combining the pleasure and appreciation of sensory experiences is what Artistscent accomplishes by encapsulating both a visual piece of art and an olfactory present within their collection of candles. Designed with heart and connection in mind, Artistscent is the collaborative effort of working with visual artists to create a sensory experience in a physical form that transcends the boundaries of locking in artistic expression within only one medium. We were graciously granted the opportunity to ask Founder and President Natalie Kuhles a few questions to gain more insight into this wonderful endeavor.