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Whether it be climbing a mountain in Arizona, out in the middle of a lake in Ontario, Canada or her own inner voice, Lizzi finds inspiration everywhere she is. There are an infinite amount of colors and she loves finding new combinations that you wouldn’t normally think of and combinations inspired by nature.

"With the chaos that surrounds our everyday lives I like to hope that my artwork provides an escape, if only for a moment." Deeply influenced by nature and emotions, her paintings are full of color, texture and calming energy. A release of her own personal thoughts, emotions and inspirations, each piece is completely unique. Colorful, moody, calm, or vibrant, the colors of each painting interact to create an ethereal scene and evoke a unique set of emotions for the viewer. Each person will feel and see something different. “Creating a scent to match my paintings captivates another sense when viewing my artwork. Not only is my artwork visual, it now charms the sense of smell, which creates a deeper level of how art can ‘soothe the mind and soul’”.  

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